3 Crianzas

Origin of the Grape

Finca "El Hórreo", a private vineyard, Iying in the Saines Valley, within the "Rias Baixas" Origin Denomination. The stock is over 30 years old, the yield is roughly 6,000 kgrs/ha, and no penetrating or systemic products or herbicides are used in the care of the grapes.


The vines are pruned in December and January. After blooming in June, superfluous and secondary shoots are cut off. Superfluous leaves are taken off in July. Other leaves are removed in August to let more sunlight in. While the grapes mature, analyses are carried out to measure sugar and acid levels.

Harvest is manual and took place on September, in cases of 20 kgrs.


Cold (8°C) ski n maceration was carried out at the winery for 9 hours, and then the grapes were gently pressed.

Alcoholic fermentation lasted 21 days at a controlled temperature of 17°C. Fine lees ageing then too k place for 9 months. Furlher ageing then too k place for 5 months in a stainless steel tank and a furlher 5 months in bottles before going to market.


The "3 Crianzas" from this wine reflect its personality: pale yellow with brilliant gold, mature and sweet, proud of its aroma and fru ity taste. A mineral taste in the mouth.

3 chords in harmony for a wine of great liveliness, structure and a lingering afterlaste which confirms its olfactory aspect in the mouth after swallowing.


Storage temperature should not exceed 18° or 20°C and should never be exponed to the sun, avoiding in all cases sud den changes of temperature. Suitable as an accompaniment to hors d'oeuvres, shellfish, fish, rice, dishes, White meats and oriental cuisine.

It should be served at a recommended temperature of 10 to 12°C.

Bottle capacity: 75cl.
Supplied in: Cases of 6 bottles.


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